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FHA 100% Financing $100 HUD Repo Loan!

HUD REPO Benefits:

The FHA $100 HUD REPO Home Loan Program is a purchase money loan offered in limited geographic areas to purchasers of a home owned by the Department of Housing & Urban Development that qualify. Buyers are only required to make a $100 down payment and may be eligible for sales incentives provided by HUD! First Time Ever in History!


  • Purchase Money
  • 100% FINANCING!
  • Primary Residence
  • Owner Occupied Only
  • Property Types (1-4 UNITS, Condominiums, PUDs, Modular)
  • Manual Underwriting Only (31%-43% Qualifying Ratios) 

If the Real Estate Agent writes the sales contract as a 203 (b) with a repair escrow then the entire repair value can be included in the loan amount and escrowed. The LTV cannot exceed 110% of “as is” appraised value. No Bankruptcies in last 2 years. No Foreclosure in last 3 years. 

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